User interface

User interface deployer is in development. Please contact [email protected] for help on launching a user interface for your contracts.

Running the funding round

Administrator of clr.fund instance should set parameters before starting the funding round. Once the round has started, it is mostly autonomous and its parameters can not be changed. It can only be finalized (allowing recipients to claim allocated funding) or cancelled (allowing contributors can withdraw their funds).
The arguments for transferMatchingFunds method should be taken from tally.json file published by the coordinator:
  • total-spent value can be found by key totalVoiceCredits.spent.
  • total-spent-salt value can be found by key totalVoiceCredits.salt.

Providing matching funds

The funding source is an ethereum address from which clr.fund can receive matching funding using the allowance mechanism. It could be an externally owned account or a contract (such as DAO).
To become a funding source the address should be added the list of funding sources by clr.fund administrator. At the end of each funding round clr.fund checks token allowance for the FundingRoundFactory contract address and transfers allowed amount of tokens to the matching pool.